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Davids Travels

Recently I spent May and June travelling with my partner, the travel being framed by 3 IYFR events – the Area 2 AGM in Chile, IYFR activities during the Rotary International Convention and then the following Post Convention Cruise.

The Area 2 AGM was held 10 May on a small cruise ship on an inland sea area 1.5 hours flying time south of Santiago. Area 2 chartered this boat for four nights and we enjoyed a wonderful time with about 90 South American Iforians exploring a region we had not been in before. The cost was very reasonable and included all food and drink! And the food was superb – almost all seafood.

We visited Chiloé (claimed as the third largest island in the world and known for its folklore and mysteries) and unveiled a plaque dedicated to a famous local writer, gave books to a local school (we were all required to bring a book to give) and visited a local town to see a large wooden church typical of those the island is known for. We spent a night in a fiord not unlike Milford Sound, swam in a hot pool on an island shore while looking out towards our cruise boat, held the AGM and then took a day trip by bus to Puerto Varas, situated on the edge of a very large lake. This area is known for being settled by Germans and all the older buildings reflect this.

This event was superbly organised by Walter Eaglehurst and Angelica Mesistrano and it was very evident that IYFR is good health in South America. Sadly no North Americans were present but the IC, IVC, IRC and two past International Commodores were on board, such was the attractiveness of the trip. Next year the Area 2 AGM is being held in Guayaquil, Ecuador and comes with the added bonus being able to book a visit to Galapagos.

Then over a month later came the IYFR AGM, held on 26 June, during the International Convention in Toronto. This was followed by a Gala Dinner and preceded 3 days earlier by a Meet & Greet function. The AGM was not well attended – I did not count but probably only about 15 present. The meeting was relatively short, there being the usual 3 Area reports given by the Area Commodores, a Regalia report for Area 1 and an address by the International Commodore (IC). Overall membership has risen slightly, some new Fleets have been chartered and there are more possibilities being worked on. The was no International Treasurer’s report and no financial information, which drew strong criticism. The IC explained the difficulties related to this subject. The Executive promised that a set of accounts for the year just passed would be issued no later than the end of September 2018.

The IYFR booth in the House of Friendship looked good and as usual generated quite a lot of interest. Part of this comes from our uniforms making us stand out. Somehow I managed to appear in 5 of the photos on posters – usually I am not to be seen!

From Toronto we flew to Victoria on Vancouver Island for the PCC. This is a beautiful city off the west coast of Canada. The area adjacent is dotted with islands, the best known being San Juan, and is idyllic for recreational boating. The border between Canada and USA also runs through this area. Here we enjoyed a great BBQ and get together at a castle (large old mansion with a castellated stone turret), a Meet & Greet, a Gala Dinner, time on the water in Iforian’s boats and a farewell dinner. This was a most enjoyable time to catch up with friends and make new friends, all very capably organised by Patrick Hunt.

Next year the International Convention is in Hamburg. The German Fleets have assembled a comprehensive and attractive programme, both during Convention and for the PCC. Auckland Fleet members have all been emailed details. I encourage you to join in if you are able – this promises to be a standout event. The PCC offers the opportunity to live on board sailing square riggers as we cruise for 4days!

Motuihe trip


This was a very enjoyable outing for the ROMAC families and very generous of Gary.


In the photo:- Edward, from Vanuatu, father of Jimmy Jerry who was in hospital. Gary Ardern, Skipper; Wayne Brewer RC Remuera caring for Veronica and Kevin (14yr old) Tavir, from Rabul; Henry Ngwango (4yrs) and mother Agnis, Vanuatu;  Mathilda Weul (18mths) and mother Pepetua from the Banks Islands north of Vanuatu, who will be returning to Starship in February for an operation.

ROMAC families after enjoying a cruise on IYFR Gary Ardern’s boat Amico Vero. 

Christmas Party


AGM and Changeover 2019